WholeVineTM Cookies
are artisan baked and 100% gluten-free.

Introducing our award-winning, full-flavored, gluten-free Sonoma Style cookies
crafted from recipes that use our unique grape seed and skin flour
to provide all the vine-born nutrition and rich natural flavor you deserve.

Packed fresh from the oven and ready to ship.

Crave them for the flavor
Love them for pure
all-out wholesomeness


" I just bought & tasted the Chocolate Chip - YUMMMM! "
I was Andy's Market and saw your cookies on the Gluten-Free aisle. I was
drawn to the Chocolate Chip because that is one cookie that I truly miss
being gluten-free, and it is the one cookie that gluten-free companies have
yet to 'get right'...Yours are delicious, and I just ate 3 of them (OMG ) for lunch!
Chocolate Chocolate-Chip's next :)

Maggy Howe/ M Howe Strategic and Cause Marketing/ Matching Charitable Hearts